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Is This You?

  • You've done quite well at auditions, though you haven’t won the job. Did you play well? Did the panel just not appreciate you?
  • You're feeling as though you've reached a ceiling and don’t know why you’re not breaking through and winning the gig.
  • You're getting yourself hung-up pursuing a "perfect" performance. What is perfect anyway?
  • You're attending to details but wonder if you're losing sight of the bigger picture of the music you're playing.
  • Do you worry whether your attempt at excellent execution might be stifling the musician, the artist, in you?

Maybe you owe it to yourself to take a few steps back. Re-assess. Re-evaluate. Take a break from your routine.

"Brooke Valley was a perfect environment for both focused work and relaxation."D.B.
Freelance horn player, Boston, MA

Why Should I Attend?

At BVMR we look at what’s holding you back from your musical dreams. Is it your nerves, your consistency, your tone production and quality? Are you frustrated that you don’t really understand the music you’re playing?  Whatever it is, we address it together.  We offer three areas of concentration:

  • Nailing the audition

    A successful audition depends on two things: how you prepare and how you handle the audition itself. We’ll look at both and cover these topics:

    • How to stay sane while practicing and polishing what seems like endless excerpts
    • Shakes, jitters and  sweaty palms, and how to keep your focus in spite of them
    • Staying mindful and learning how to ignore the “voice”
    • Can the audition become a musically fulfilling performing experience?
  • Crafting your musical message

    Having a musical message and being able to convey it are the hallmarks of a great artist. How do you develop a musical message? At BVMR we’ll explore that by showing you how to:

    • analyze each note, and use shape, color, and intensity to cultivate your musical concept
    • deepen your understanding of your musical role through guided score study
    • listen to your own playing as if you were in the audience
  • Busting your burnout

    Are you in a place in your career or your music making where the joy and enthusiasm have fizzled?  Learn how to keep your playing fresh.

    • Uncover subtleties in the score that open you to new musical challenges
    • Discover dimensions beyond the music that inspire you and excite your audience 
    • “Be here now” and infuse your music making with your unique voice

Together these form the foundation of a successful – and rewarding – performing career.

  • Brooke Valley Musician's Retreat is specifically designed for professional musicians who want to reach the next level in their career development.
  • To help you achieve your goal, we'll show you how to tap the creative energy of your imagination to enhance your ability to focus on what you are doing, and on how you are doing it.
  • By improving your listening skills you will be better able to project your ideas to your audience and get a sense of how others hear you.
  • All feedback you receive will be honest, to the point, and with both your short and long range goals in mind.

"This retreat has changed my life forever. Thank you for showing me what I am really capable of."

Freelance flute & piccolo player, Providence, RI

"The wealth of information was so great that I'd recommend recording every lesson, if not every practice session."

Freelance clarinet & sax player, DMA candidate, UNC-Greensboro